The jury of the 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts (Dave Beech, Christian Höller, Urška Jurman, and Ulay /Frank Uwe Laysiepen/) has awarded the Grand Prize to Regina José Galindo for the works: Confesión (Confession), 2007, video by Eva Montes Palmer, 2’25”; Caparazón (Carapace), 2010, video by Pietro Menditto, 5’37”; Móvil (Mobile), 2010, video by Marco Casado, 10’13”.

Regina José Galindo was born in 1974 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She lives and works in Guatemala.

Confesión (Confession)

A volunteer performs the water-boarding torture technique on my body. (Regina José Galindo)

Caparazón (Carapace)

Fear in its sonic form, in every explosion, every hit. My naked body lies in the foetal position under a sealed dome. A group of people armed with sticks frantically beat on the dome until their weapons are broken. (Regina José Galindo)

Móvil (Mobile)

Drugs go north. Weapons go south. Live bodies go north and return to the south dead. My body lies in a metal coffin on a stretcher trolley and the audience moves it wherever they like. (Regina José Galindo)

Video stills from the installation in Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana. Photographs: Jaka Babnik.