Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, Refuge, 2011

Installation, mixed media (screen printing, linoleum and woodblock printing, sculpture).

Justseeds members: Roger Peet, Meredith Stern, Mary Tremonte, Shaun Slifer, Josh MacPhee, Colin Matthes, Dylan Miner, Santiago Armengod, Thea Gahr, Erik Ruin, Bec Young, Pete Yahnke, Kevin Caplicki, Molly Fair, Jesse Purcell.

This work focuses on themes of migration resulting from war or economic necessity and displacements resulting from exploitation and environmental despoliation. It dissects a global system built on cheap resources and cheap labour, and illustrates attempts to break out of that system’s constraints. The work includes kiosks distributing maps of the landscapes involved and hidden nests, places of refuge, where those in flux, whether humans, animals, or ideas, have taken rest.

The curator of the exhibition is Božidar Zrinski.

Viewing hours: 22 September–20 November 2011, Alkatraz Gallery; Tuesday–Sunday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.; admission is free. (Opening: 22 September at 10 p.m.)