This will be a wide-ranging interdisciplinary examination of “the event” as a general social phenomenon. Distinguished representatives from the Slovene media, the state administration, the church, non-government organizations, the business world, the art world, and various scholarly fields will attempt to explain the kinds of purposes for which events are used in their fields and what is hoped to be gained by using them. They will also reflect on the question of where the, obviously, very extensive phenomenon of the “eventification” of contemporary life might be leading us.

The following speakers have been announced: Alenka Arko, Tina Bolcar, Marko Brecelj, Miha Burilov, the Eko Krog Association, Hajrudin Hromadžić, Janez Janša, Zoran Kanduč, Vlado Kotnik, Miha Kozorog, Lenart J. Kučić, Gorazd V. Mrevlje, Neja Petek, Vinko Potočnik, Mitja Rotovnik, Andrej Rozman Roza, Božo Rustja, Peter Simonič, Andrej Studen, Igor Škamperle, Jože Vogrinc, Pavle Vrhovec, and Aleksander Zorn.

The Marathon begins Friday, 30 September, at 10 a.m. At the International Centre of Graphic Arts; admission is free.

Marathon schedule (.pdf).